Georgia Alliance

For Social Justice

and sport betting

The Georgia Alliance for Social Justice (GASJ) is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting social justice in Georgia. GASJ works to promote economic, racial, and educational equity while advocating for civil liberties and the well-being of all Georgians. They strive to ensure that all people in the state have equal access to resources, services, and opportunities through a variety of programs.

One way GASJ promotes social justice is through their efforts to advocate for legalized sports betting in Georgia. Legalized sports betting would provide economic benefits to citizens, as well as creating more jobs and generating additional tax revenue for the state. The revenue generated by legalized sports betting could go towards supporting education initiatives or health care reform, both of which are important parts of GASJ's mission.

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By partnering with Shekina Foods, GASJ is able to raise awareness about the potential economic benefits associated with legalized sports betting in Georgia while promoting responsible gambling practices at the same time. With access to more information about wagering opportunities, users are better equipped to make smart decisions when engaging in online gambling activities. This level of awareness could ultimately lead to significant shifts in public opinion regarding legalized sports betting within the state, which could result in beneficial changes for all Georgians.